Arundel's Tax Cap Rappers -- As Nasty As They Wanna Be

October 28, 1990|By Phil Greenfield

Comes autumn in Arundel and we're stressed to the max 'Bout the whole nasty business of the property tax.

Bob Schaefer's fed up with the council as a group, Sayin', "Listen to me, folks,here's the real scoop.

Politicians waste cash like it's goin' out of style And when you see your tax statement you ain't never gonna smile.

They spend and spend all across the whole nation And us home-owning types are getting clobbered by inflation.

So let's set the level at 4.5 And tell the County Council we ain't taking no jive.

We'll hold onto our money like an angry miser As we say 'bye-bye' to Diamond Jim Lighthizer.

The spending party's through, just take it from me," Says the leader of the AATRG.

And it sounds kinda nice as the numbers crunch, But I got a nasty feeling that there ain't no free lunch.

Prince George's got cute and tried this razzle dazzle, Teachers got laid off and the cops got frazzled.

A lotta kids' parents really worried out loud, "This don't look like a classroom; looks more like a crowd!"

When you phoned the police to be helpful and bold, More often than not, you got put on hold.

And as firemen and cops got fewer and fewer, PG's bond rating fell into the sewer.

When the voters had decided that they'd seen enough, They lined up and repealed this inflexible stuff.

And to this very day, they still remain wary Of tax plans designed by Curley, Moe and Larry.

Now back to Anne Arundel where a lawyer said, "Wait!

There's some stuff in this proposal to elucidate."

Plymyer says these reformers need additional instruction Cuz more revenues can come from additional construction.

And the folks who planned this nifty tax cap Had embarrassment,not money, fall into their lap.

Because for all the yells and for all the hollers, The savings, it seems, could be less than 10 dollars.

Mr. Schaefer had a policy to reassess And like politicians everywhere, he blamed the press.

"Don't misquote me," he said in the statement he gave, Though he still wasn't sure how much we'd save.

And the people who had promised we would save a whole lot Now mumble, "Well,it's 10 bucks more than what we've got."

So this new referendum I'll have to fight, Taxation shouldn't be an Amateur Night.

I don't blame the "Tax Cappers," if ya really want to know, But if I'm gonna get shafted, let it be by a pro.

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