Nov. 6 Is Opportunity To Get Rid Of Rascals

Readers write

October 28, 1990

From: Frank Soltis


With election day not too far away, apathetic voters should loosen up.

Taxpayers are mad as hell.

Even though there is not much of a choice between the brain-dead incumbents and the comical challengers, this is an opportunity to get rid of the rascals.

Take seedy Delegate Bill Cox, he almost got caught with his hand in the cookie jar over his investment in the rubble fill. Thanks to Eileen Rehrmann, the candidate who lies about her education, she feels that Cox didn't do anything wrong.

And then we have Delegate Joe Lutz, who is telling us "Lutz Listens."

Lutz is the epitome of incompetence, he has done nothing to serve the citizens of Harford County.

The one incumbent who I find most entertaining is Councilwoman Joanne Parrott -- she wants to slither back for another four years because she already served four years in office.

Why is it that these political hacks think they should be re-elected just because they served four years? I hope for the sake of good government that Parrott and the bird she uses as a logo on her campaign signs get put back in the cage.

It's time that these creatures of special interests and deal-makers be tossed out of office.

We are all reminded that there has been a failure of government at county and state levels that has been happening for a long time -- incompetence and corruption are at a dangerous level.

Dump the incumbents.


From: Rosaline Thorne


The media concedes that Wayne Gilchrest won the GOP primary in September on the strength of name recognition and his pro-abortion stance. Did he also, I wonder, win because of a glaring inconsistency published in campaign ads -- "traditional family values?"

If so, then I suspect that many in our district were hoodwinked into voting for him.

Contrary to his claims, Gilchrest is clearly no family traditionalist.

How can he be when he espouses abortion and other liberal issues that are neither "traditional" nor "values"? In truth, these issues are, of their very nature, totally destructive of the family unit.

Since when did abortion become a family value? And how long has it been a tradition? It may have something to do with "family," all right, in the sense that millions of tiny prospective family members never live to see the light of day. But "family" in its very essence? Not on your life!

How can Gilchrest tout "traditional family values" and also spout "abortion rights" without running the risk of damaging his credibility? If he can so blithely juxtapose two completely disparate views and set them up as companion pieces to the truth, think what he could do with the truth itself.

Can we trust this person? Is he the individual we voters want to voice our concerns in Congress? I think not.

In Roy Dyson we already have a representative who has served our district faithfully and well. He's not perfect, goodness knows. He has stumbled over his own two feet, but it seems he has learned from his mishaps and is the stronger for having experienced them.

It is now up to us voters. If we are wise, we will see to it that Dyson is elected to another term in the House of Representatives.


From: Dona Faber

Bel Air

This is in response to the letter written by Ray Hofmann of Baltimore (The Harford County Sun, Sept. 12).

In his letter he was concerned with parents being responsible for their children's education. I agree very much with Mr. Hofmann's letter.

I'm a student in middle school. I enjoy having my mother show an interest in my homework. She takes me to the library to work on projects, helps me study for tests, then wants to know how I've done and helps me understand my mistakes.

I feel very lucky to have my mother show an interest in my school work.

Because of her constant help and encouragement, I get straight "A's" in my classes in school.

I think if more students had parents who are interested in school work and encourage them, they too would be better students and we'd have a better school experience.


From: Sally Rogers

Bel Air

Candidate Eileen Rehrmann's latest campaign literature cites her state-level budget experience as a qualification for her candidacy for Harford County Executive.

In part, her flyer states that, as a member of the House Appropriations Committee, "she was involved in allocating funds and influencing a budget process."

This is an interesting statement in light of this morning's news that the budget process, which Rehrmann claims major involvement with, has taken this state, in four years, from a $400 million budget surplus to a $320 million budget deficit.

Now Rehrmann wants to be Harford County Executive and manage Harford County's budget.

Harford County currently has a program of strong fiscal management with no debt. It boggles the mind what Rehrmann, with her involvement with the spendthrift Schaefer administration, could do to Harford County's finances.

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