'Pretty Woman' was unlikely Disney moneymaker


October 28, 1990|By Cox News Service

"Pretty Woman," R, 1990, Touchstone, $19.95.

Julia Roberts plays peek-a-boo with video viewers (and Richard Gere) this week as the gorgeous title character in "Pretty Woman."

Priced at the consumer-friendly tab of $19.95, "Pretty Woman" is bound to make as much money on video as in the theaters. As the year's box-office tally stands, Garry Marshall's comedy is in first place with more than $175 million.

Who could have imagined that a Cinderella tale about a Hollywood hooker and a Wall Street wolf would become Disney's top moneymaker?

"Ghosts Can't Do It," R,1990,RCA/Columbia,89.95.

As he did in "Bolero" and "Tarzan -- The Ape Man," John Derek directs his comely wife Bo in this supernatural comedy about a widow whose dead husband (Anthony Quinn) returns in the body of a he-man hunk (newcomer Leo Damien).

"I Love You to Death," R, 1990, RCA/Columbia, $92.95.

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction, as you will find out in "I Love You to Death." Based on a true story, "Death" is about a couple whose happy marriage falls apart when the husband is caught fooling around.

The missus (Tracey Ullman) tries every which way to do in her womanizing hubby (Kevin Kline).

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