Marking 50 Years On The Math Faculty

October 28, 1990|By Patrick A. McGuire

IN ADDITION TO PROFESSOR Benac, two other professor are celebrating their 50th anniversary on the math faculty at the Naval Academy. They are Professor James C. Abbott and Professor Ebon E. Betz. Professor Abbott, a Harvard graduate, earned his Ph.D. at Notre Dame and has written and edited five volumes on mathematics, developed the Theory of Implication Algebra as an extension of classical Boolean algebra and universal algebra and developed a course in mathematic logic. He was the coach of the academy's large boat sailing team for 25 years.

Professor Betz holds degrees from Albion College, the University of Michigan and the University of Pennsylvania. He has taught all levels of math and has served on a variety of committees within the mathematics department. He lists as one of his more unusual activities the writing of a Fortran II program to solve the puzzle HEXED in the mid-1960s. He wrote several versions of the program, including one in Fortran V, which, after three weeks of computations, found more than 2,000 solutions to the puzzle.

"If you were to discuss faculty members being at a college for 50 years," says Professor Frederick I. Davis, a colleague of both men, "you would probably think they were deadwood. But not these folks. I've been here 22 years and I have seen no change in their dedication or energy."

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