Rams trying to butt out other RamsCalgary Memorial Senior...

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October 27, 1990

Rams trying to butt out other Rams

Calgary Memorial Senior High School in Calgary, Alberta, is fighting the Los Angeles Rams over the rights to a nickname.

Central Memorial has used the nickname "Rams" since 1908, but now the National Football League team wants to gain exclusive North American rights to the name. Calgary lawyers have countered by filing a statement of opposition with the Registrar of Trademarks.

An attempt to negotiate shared use of the Rams name failed.

"They were taking the position that they weren't prepared to give us an offer of settlement, and we were instructed by the board to file a statement of opposition," said Martha O'Connor, a school board lawyer.

She said the board will argue that the trademark is not distinctive and that the NFL team should have known there had been prior use of the name.

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George Archer, Senior Tour golfer, on the prospect of retiring: "Baseball players quit playing, and they take up golf. Basketball players quit and take up golf. Football players quit and take up golf. What are we supposed to do when we quit?"

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