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October 27, 1990

Schaefer Weather

Editor: In the continued balancing act he has hitherto skillfully performed in silence, Gov. William Donald Schaefer has finally spoken on the abortion issue, though out of both sides of his mouth. Bowing to increasing pressure from voters and political action groups to show his hand on the abortion issue as Nov. 6 nears, Mr. Schaefer recently indicated that, though he is ''personally opposed'' to abortion, he will veto legislation that limits abortions in Maryland.

This is no stand, contrary to the measured euphoria expressed in your Sept. 23 editorial, ''Pro-Choice Governor,'' which touts Mr. Schaefer as worthy of applause for ''recognizing that his public responsibilities transcend his personal views.''

What better measure of a man do we have than the degree to which his actions attend his beliefs formed in the sacredness of his conscience?

Mr. Schaefer is bending to public opinion (performing his ''public responsibility'') against his conscience. There's the rub. No amount of public pressure can be as important as what goes on in a man's conscience.

Mr. Schaefer cannot be a pro-life individual and a pro-choice governor. Each gnaws at the other, widening ever more the gulf separating what people believe is right and what they do, breeding a tragic split personality induced by expediency.

Mr. Schaefer's announcement is calculated, no doubt, to blow in the direction of an apparent pro-choice majority like a weather vane. I don't want a weather vane. I want a man to be governor.

What does it profit a man to gain all the world's electorate . . . ?

Stephen C. Hooper.


Our Daily Bread

Editor: I can't thank you enough for the support and generosity you and your readers have shown us these past few weeks. As many of your readers already know, Our Daily Bread will soon have to move from its rented and temporary location. We need to build a new lunchroom facility to serve the ever increasing numbers of hungry poor.

People in Baltimore have given from their hearts. They've sent checks in the mail and pressed folded dollar bills into my hands. Whatever the gift, each has wanted their contribution to help some one poor and hungry. In some instances those who gave are not themselves far removed from the hungry poor coming to Our Daily Bread. It has been an inspiration.

When we set out to build a new Our Daily Bread facility, we did so with an understanding that one can not ''live by bread alone.'' There needs to be much more than a food service for men, women and children who are poor and homeless in Baltimore. In a sense, Our Daily Bread serves as a ''port of entry'' for an ever increasing number of those who find themselves in despairing situations.

Ours is far more than a government definition of who are ''poor.'' We are motivated in our mission to serve not only the materially impoverished but also every face of poverty which comes to our door in need.

''In the face of hunger, there's hope'' has been the theme of our campaign to build a new Our Day Bread at the site of the original lunchroom at 17 West Franklin Street. We chose this because it says better than anything else why we are here and reflects the respect and dignity of each person who comes to Our Daily Bread for a meal and help.

We don't believe, nor do we claim, that a ''lunchroom'' is the answer to hunger or poverty. But it is hope to those whose lives might otherwise be overcome by despair.

Fr. Tom Bonderenko.


The writer is the director of Our Daily Bread.

Budget Sham

Editor: The budget charade that the politicians have subjected the American public to is a sham that once and for all shows how gutless and self-serving our elected officials have become.

It is the cynical way in which they carry out their dirty deeds, from the president's famous ''read my lips'' to the legislative ventriloquists who can make their lips say anything that is expedient, that has so infuriated the American public. The country is in a serious crisis and all they can think about is how to keep themselves on the gravy train they've created for themselves.

These are the same politicians who: sneaked themselves a 50-percent pay raise while they asked the rest of us, including the elderly and needy, to sacrifice; exempted themselves from their own laws; accepted piles of money from PACs and special interests; vowed no new taxes but vote for ''revenue enhancements;'' provided themselves every imaginable perk, including a generous retirement system, vacations, subsidized meals, unlimited world-wide travel, franking privileges, payroll for family and friends and on and on, all at taxpayers expense.

Is it any wonder these guys can't pass a budget? Our founding forefathers did not intend that we create an elite class with unlimited access to the public trough. I hope the American voters are sufficiently outraged to cross party lines to vote all the scoundrels out! This is one fed- up taxpayer who will.

Albert Velasquez.


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