Foreman ready to 'belly-bump'

October 26, 1990|By Nestor Aparicio

While Evander Holyfield was busy knocking out an oversized James "Buster" Douglas last night in Las Vegas, there was an even bigger man waiting in the wings, watching the bout from his home in Houston.

George Foreman, who felt the same thrill of winning the heavyweight championship in 1971 when he knocked out Joe Frazier in Jamaica, now knows he, not Mike Tyson, will be the next person to get a chance to regain the undisputed world championship.

ESPN, which reported that Foreman has signed a contract to fight Holyfield in April at an undetermined site, had a remote with Foreman.

Foreman, who would be the oldest champion ever at 43, didn't even field any questions, but did provide a rather humorous 30-second monologue that is sure to be the first of many to drum up sales and promotion for his bout with Holyfield.

Here is how it went:

* "I'm the next heavyweight champion of the world -- put your money on it -- and I'll be taking Social Security checks at the same time.

* "I can knock out Evander Holyfield in two rounds, not three, but two rounds.

* "I'm going to show the whole world that the age of 40 is not a death sentence.

* "I've been begging for an opportunity and now I've got a signed contract and no one can get out of it.

* "I was the first contender in 1970 and now it's 1990 and I'm a contender again.

* "I'm going to eat lots of hamburgers and cheeseburgers and I'm going to belly-bump that little guy all over the ring.

* "Tell all my friends out there with the gray beards that they're calling middle-aged and senior citizens that I'm going to hit him with my 'middle-aged, senior citizen, syrup sandwich, screw-you-up-the-nose' punch."

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