Shock-Trauma gets $5,000 to expand adolescent program

October 26, 1990

The Baltimore County Office of Substance Abuse has given the High Risk Adolescent Trauma Program at the Shock-Trauma Unit in Baltimore an additional $5,000 to provide more tours for students, including those who have been ordered to attend the program by the courts.

The additional money also will be used to make a slide presentation for Shock-Trauma workers to show in schools.

The program currently receives $20,000, which is used to pay the nurses volunteering to visit schools and giving tours on their off days.

In addition, the substance abuse office and Students Against Drunk Drivers last night kicked off a new campaign called, "It Can Happen To You." Buttons with the slogan are to be printed and passed out.

The buttons are to include the date, Oct. 21, 1990, when three young people were killed in Reisterstown, apparently the result of drinking and driving.

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