It's Your Call: Banning billboards

October 26, 1990

A court ruling to remove billboards from certain neighborhoods in Baltimore appears to reflect most people's opinions about the signs, especially those advertising alcohol and tobacco, according to Evening Sun readers and other callers to SUNDIAL.

Of 377 respondents, 230 said alcohol and tobacco should not be advertised on billboards, while 147 said it was OK to advertise alcohol and tobacco on billboards.

Of 363 callers, 235 said alcohol and tobacco ads should be banned from billboards in residential neighborhoods, while 128 said the signs should not be banned from residential neighborhoods.

Of 358 callers, 240 said all billboards should be removed from residential neighborhoods, while 118 said all billboards should not be removed from those neighborhoods.

"It's Your Call" represents a sampling of opinions from certain segments of the community, but it is not balanced demographically, as would be done in a scientific public opinion poll.

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