Towson: Re-Elect Rasmussen Election '90

October 26, 1990

The families who long ago settled in Baltimore County are undergoing a collective mid-life crisis. As the county increasingly becomes an extension of the urban landscape, nothing is quite the same. There is more crime, more congestion and more necessary government spending for infrastructure and services.

While housing prices have skyrocketed, so have assessments, triggering apprehension -- and fear among aging home owners. People feel they have lost control over their lives.

This mood has produced a cry for revenge, with County Executive Dennis Rasmussen as the target. He is being blamed for everything -- from the state's bungling of property assessments to unruly neighborhood kids to the high cost of living. Yet the fact remains he has been a superior executive, managing the county with foresight and skill.

He has shown prudence in coping with many expensive problems at a time when explosive growth has slowed but public needs continue to escalate. These problems -- ranging from roads and schools to housing and spiraling social service concerns -- will dog the county and bleed its budget regardless ** of who is county executive.

Mr. Rasmussen has done what a responsible public official must do. He has dealt with these challenges instead of burying his head in the sand.

We strongly endorse Mr. Rasmussen for re-election. We welcome the spirited Republican challenge by Roger B. Hayden, but think Mr. Rasmussen is the man who can better steer Baltimore County through the rough economic days ahead.

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