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Marley Station Mall: A Place For Shoes And Heroism Awards Presented To Police Officers

October 26, 1990|By Kris Antonelli | Kris Antonelli,Staff writer

* Clayton J. Meyers, of Elkton, for providing police with information that led to the arrest of two robbery suspects on Jan. 18.

* Carl H. Schanberger, of Lothian, for providing an officer with information that led to the arrest of a man who stabbed and robbed a woman on March 2.

* Happy Travelers, a camping trailer store, for allowing police to borrow two trailers to use as mobile command posts.

The following officers received Commendation Awards:

* Officer Robert Hall and James Blese, for solving 15 stolen car cases in January.

* Officer Stephen J. McCullen, for apprehending an armed robbery suspect Feb. 1, 1989.

* Officer John Guzinski, for talking a man armed with a gun outside of Annapolis into giving up his weapon.

* Sgt. George E. Halpin, for using CPR to save a man who had collapsed and was dying Aug. 22, 1989. Fire department personnel said Halpin saved his life.

* Det. Robert Delashmutt, for solving 20 armed robberies in 1989.

* Officer Bryan Heger, for administering lifesaving CPR to a woman on Route 100 who had stopped breathing.

* Officer Sef Martinez, for chasing a suspicious man on West Street in Annapolis Sept. 16. Police later charged the man in the slaying of Gwyn Criswell, of Crofton.

* Officers Michael Belcher and Steven Muhl, for helping to save the life of a man on Dec. 5, 1988, who was in cardiac arrest on Route 3. Muhl is a Crofton police officer.

* Detectives Gordon March and Brian Daniels, for their six-month investigation into the James Hibler narcotics case.

* Officer Earl Fox, for disarming a suspect who had pointed a gun at another officer during a routine traffic stop Aug. 13.

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