For a kinder cut: carving a spiffier jack-o'-lantern

October 26, 1990|By Pat van den Beemt

There it sits, staring you in the face -- a lumpy pumpkin you're supposed to turn into a work of art. You carve the usual triangle-shaped eyes and nose, slit for a mouth, dangling teeth. But isn't it time to get out of your jack-o'-lantern rut?

Well, you'll be carving up more faces than Freddie Krueger after watching a new 30-minute video, "How to Carve Great Faces for Halloween," available at area Waldenbook stores and select video and Woolworth stores.

Master carver Gordy Falk gives step-by-step instructions, with hints on how to "de-top" and clean your pumpkin, give it personality, repair mistakes and even place your candle properly.

Mr. Falk has become a celebrity in his Wisconsin home town, where thousands of people gather each year to marvel at the unusual pumpkins adorning his front lawn.

Here are a few tips from his video:

* Use a large knife to de-top your pumpkin, cutting in at a 45-degree angle. To shape features, use a knife with a slim blade.

* Draw the features first with a colored marker and cut on the outside of the lines.

* Don't forget to add eyebrows and ears. They add character, and the ear holes make your pumpkin easier to carry.

* If you cut away too much pumpkin, use a toothpick to lodge the piece back into place.

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