General Assembly Election '90

October 25, 1990

Where experienced hands have made a difference, voters ought to reward incumbents with another term. Otherwise, change is in order. That is our reasoning for endorsing all of the county's state senators and recommending some new faces in the House delegation.

Southern Arundel shares District 29 with Calvert and St. Mary's counties. Sen. Bernie Fowler has been a superior legislator, leading the fight for environmental causes. But in Arundel's Subdistrict 29A, Del. George Owings III has curried favor with gun enthusiasts and tobacco lobbyists. We recommend instead a vote for Republican Edward B. Finch, a retired EPA law judge eager to curb the influence of political action committees.

Annapolis-area residents in District 30 should reelect Sen. Gerald Winegrad, the legislature's most committed environmentalist. In the delegates race, incumbent John Astle has performed

admirably. Del. Michael Busch has been hard-working but we believe there are two better candidates -- former state Sen. Aris T. Allen and Edith Segree, a legislative aide and environmental activist.

The hottest Senate contest, between Republican John Leopold and Democrat Philip Jimeno in District 31, provides an easy decision. Mr. Jimeno is the better choice because of his legislative diligence and his integrity. For delegates, we prefer Evelyn Kampmeyer, a consultant in education accountability; Joan Cadden, a former school board member, and incumbent W. Ray Huff.

Western Arundel's delegation in District 33 should remain intact. We recommend the three incumbents, Republicans John Gary and Elizabeth Smith and Democrat Marsha Perry.

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