This Ivy's pox was no poisonIf only all cases of chicken...

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October 25, 1990|By Donna Peremes | Donna Peremes,San Francisco Chronicle

This Ivy's pox was no poison

If only all cases of chicken pox turned out so fortuitously.

Ivy Silsberstein returned homne to Great Neck, N.Y., after contracting a case of the dreaded pox in February, during her senior year at University of Maryland College Park. Needing something to pass the time while she recuperated, the radio, television, and film student decided to indulge in her favorite hobby --designing clothes.

It turned out to be a fortunate choice. Not only did she successfully recover, she sold every one of her designs--denim jeans and shorts decorated with beads and whimsical appliques--to different stores on Long Island under her "I.B.I.V."label. (She's the "I.V.")

As a result of prudently applying her returned tuition money to renting out spaces in fashioon trade shows, she's picked yp a number of vendors grom across the country, particularly impressive since suggested retail for the designs are a pricey hTC $150 tp $400. (She's hoping to find a Baltimore venue soon.)

In the meantime she's basking in the warm golw of media attention. Last month her jeans were featured in Women's Wear Daily. (including a cover in their monthly supplement), and can be found in next month's issues of YM, American Style, and Private Eye, as well as the February '91 issue of Essence.

London designer Rita Hraiz bases her custom creations on astrology and requires a birth chart reading before she will even consider making your clothes.

Her initial consultation usually includes a chat about the power of color vibrations, a crystal to help you give or receive information and, of course, a tarot card reading.

"I noticed Cancerians wear layers of clothes, because the protect themselves. They protect their emotions. Pisces love lacy, romantic-type clothes.

"Capricorns like power dressing.

"Earth signs -- Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus -- are drawn to earth colors and they like good-quality clothes.

"The air signs -- Gemini, Aquarius, Libra -- go for cheaper, cheerful clothes that will last the season. Librans, out of the whole Zodiac, have the best sense of color."

A Capricorn herself -- born January 13, 1963, in the house of Scorpio with Gemini rising Ms. Hraiz likes body-conscious clothes.

"Capricorns like structure. I like feeling I'm being held in by my clothes, hence I like body-conscious clothes, tailored clothes or fitted clothes.

"The most important thing for fire signs -- Leo, Sagittarius and Aries -- is comfort. They generally go for bold colors, whether they suit them or not. And they tend generally to dress in conventional styles.

"Aries generally have the most amazing bodies, but will wear track suits and things. I think it's because they don't own their sexuality.

"The water signs -- Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio -- are drawn to water colors. It starts from crimson on to silvery blues. In general, about all the water signs, they love things to be soft and floaty. Scorpios, although they like that look, they would never wear it. The punk era epitomizes Scorpio."

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