State Seeks Owners Of Unclaimed Property

October 24, 1990

The state Comptroller of the Treasury's office is advertising the names of 11,604 Marylanders in newspapers across the state to locate the rightful owners of unclaimed property and funds worth $5.7 million from banks, insurance companies or other businesses.

An ad listing 163 people due unclaimed property totaling $18,105 is published in today's edition of The Howard County Sun. The ad also includes instructions for those who want to make a claim.

The office has records of approximately 150,000 accounts worth more than $50 million. Financial institutions, insurance companies and corporations are required to report bank accounts, contents of safe deposit boxes, insurance benefits, stock dividends and other funds to the State Comptroller's Office if they remain unclaimed for five years or more. There is no time limit for claiming the money. The unclaimed property does not include real estate, cars or boats.

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