Gouge Is Keeping Busy

October 24, 1990

WESTMINSTER - County Commissioner Julia W. Gouge is keeping busy with daily county tasks while campaigning for re-election.

She attended the Republican Victory Rally Oct. 7 and the League of Women Voters Forum Oct. 9 after spending the day in meetings at the County Office Building.

Oct. 10, Gouge traveled to Washington, D.C., to meet with Federal Aviation Administration officials to pick up a grant for the Carroll County Airport. That evening, she attended a Red Cross function and a dialysis showing at the Main Street Exchange.

FOR THE RECORD - A '90 vote item in the Oct. 17 issue should have said that more than 50,000 students nationwide are participating in a hands-on science program developed by Carroll County teachers.
The Carroll County Sun regrets the error.

Following meetings in her office, Gouge participated in a Republican Fashion Show Oct. 11.

After taking care of more office business Oct. 12, she attended the tour/dedication ceremony at Bowling Brook's new facilities. She also spoke to Manchester Elementary School fifth-grade students.

Gouge spent Oct. 13-14 at the Fall Harvest Days at the Carroll County Farm Museum.

She hosted the Economic Development Business Luncheon Oct. 15 at the County Office Building and that evening participated in the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce Forum at Frock's.

With the other commissioners and staff, Gouge traveled to Baltimore Oct.

16 for the annual bond sale. She then returned to her office for regularly scheduled meetings.


Education is the single and most costly service that government provides for its citizens, Ellen Willis recently told a group of countians at the Junior Women's Club.

Willis added that education also is one of the biggest challenges she faces in her bid for the District 5A, Carroll County, seat in the House of Delegates.

"An adequate education for our children is essential in preparing them to assume responsible and productive roles as adults," she said.

"My work as Coordinator of Programs for Business and Industry at the Carroll Community College has shown me that our schools must produce a work force equipped for the technology of the future, and I am prepared to take a leadership role in Annapolis to see that these goals are energetically pursued," she said.

As education is a statewide issue, Willis said she is interested in exploring methods for increasing funding for education at the state level.

She added that she is against the proposal to extend the school year.

Willis is an advocate of fiscal accountability and said she would work toward identifying and putting a stop to wasteful spending in government.

She also feels Maryland's income tax system is regressive and favors a revised structure that would distribute the tax burden on citizens more evenly.

She also would seek ways to enhance funding for Carroll County to reduce the local property tax burden.


County Commissioner candidate Rick Will continues to campaign door-to-door, attend forums and informational meetings and meet with interested groups of residents.

In recent weeks, he has campaigned door-to-door in the Manchester area, attended a public hearing on sludge land application and a meeting of MADD and participated in forums with the Chamber of Commerce and representatives of county municipalities.

Will also was represented by his wife at an informational forum at the County Health Department on drug and alcohol abuse.

He attended a fund-raiser for Mike Fitzgerald, school board candidate, and took part in a tree planting detail at the State Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Will also met with the County Builders Association to answer questions and share ideas.


Bob Fletcher, school board member and candidate for re-election, had a fund-raiser and campaign rally Oct. 12 at Frock's.

As a result of the fund-raiser, he received numerous endorsements from political candidates and elected officials who attended.


Maryland House of Delegates Republican candidate Joseph Hooper Mettle has had to slow his campaign due to an accident Sept. 20 that aggravated a 1971 injury.

He is undergoing treatment four times a week along with daily medication for the injury.

Mettle will rejoin his grass-roots campaign as soon as possible, but expresses his thanks to all of those who have sent cards and encouragement.


Ellen Willis, candidate for the House of Delegates, District 5A-Carroll, recently explained to the North Carroll Democratic Club some of the concerns that caused her to run for the office.

In coming years, elected officials will be making decisions which will have a serious and long-lasting impact on Carroll County citizens, she said.

To balance the need for growth with the need to protect the quality of our environment, leaders must be energetic, pro-active and have an understanding of complex issues, she added.

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