Time to exercise?

It's your call

October 24, 1990

Setting aside time to exercise is not all that easy, according to respondents to our "It's Your Call" question yesterday concerning fitness.

The experts say adults should engage in aerobic exercise such as jogging or bicycling three times a week for a minimum of 20 continuous minutes each session. We asked if you met this minimum standard, if you wished you had more time to exercise and if you burned your calories at home, at a gym or health club, outdoors or somewhere else.

Here's the skinny: 158 callers wish they had more time to exercise while 66 callers don't wish for more time; 125 callers say their exercise regimens meet minimum standards and 98 say they do not. As for where you work out: 55 callers say they exercise at home, 59 go to the gym or health club, 71 hearty types take to the great out-of-doors, and 34 people exercise somewhere else (now where could that be?).

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