'Memorial Park' would be gemAs the Orioles prepare to play...

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October 23, 1990

'Memorial Park' would be gem

As the Orioles prepare to play their last season in Memorial Stadium, I believe it is time to start planning what will be done with the area after the stadium is demolished. Many different ideas have been proposed, including a corporate campus, housing developments, and a Johns Hopkins research center.

When the site is cleared and development commences, any plan must keep the actual playing field of Memorial Stadium as a park area. The community is in need of more park area and any development could be built around the playing field and would serve as a community gathering point both for the new development and the existing community.

More importantly, building over the existing field would bdisrespectful to all the athletes who provided the fans of Baltimore with so many great memories. I am not suggesting that the actual baseball diamond be kept, only that that area should be planted with trees and flowers and should serve as a source of great pride for the community, while retaining the great moments in Orioles and Colts history.

Finally, the park should be named Memorial Park, as the stadiu 2/3 2/3 TC

was dedicated to American veterans.

Edward O'Keefe


Babe comes out on top

There are 10 batting categories that might be considered to be indicative of the best hitters in baseball. In 1921, Babe Ruth achieved the following in those categories, while in 1990, six players combined to lead the American League in those same categories:

Batting average: Ruth in '21 -- .378, AL leader in '90 -- .329.

Total bases: Ruth in '21 -- 457, AL leader in '90 -- 339.

Home runs: Ruth in '21 -- 59, AL leader in '90 -- 51.

Triples: Ruth in '21 -- 16, AL leader in '90 -- 17.

Doubles: Ruth in '21 -- 44, AL leaders in '90 -- 45.

Runs scored: Ruth in '21 -- 177, AL leader in '90 -- 119.

RBIs: Ruth in '21 -- 170, AL leader in '90 -- 132.

Walks: Ruth in '21 -- 144, AL leader in '90 -- 110.

Hits: Ruth in '21 -- 204, AL leader in '90 -- 191.

Slugging percentage: Ruth in '21 -- .846, AL leader in '90 -- .592.

Also, Babe's figures in each category surpassed this year' totals by at least 7 percent and as much as 49 percent in eight of 10 categories. His slugging percentages for two consecutive years (1920-21) were .847 and .846.

For this type of unmatched hitting, and because he was bor and raised in Baltimore, the new stadium should be named the Babe Ruth Stadium.

Kurt G. Wenzing Jr.



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