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October 23, 1990


From: Edward L. Maddox


Diane R. Evans is an outstanding candidate for County Council. Her warmth and deep concern for the best interests of all those whom she wants to represent is evident after even just a brief meeting with her.

During the campaign she has made herself totally accessible to people on every side of issue after issue and has shown how she carefully considers all input before reaching conclusions.

Diane's knowledge and understanding of state and local government is a tremendous asset. I hope that the citizens in the 5th District will join with me and vote to have her represent us.


From: Ailene Murphy

Severna Park

Because state agencies have been ordered to cut expenditures, it is suggested the budget items below be reviewed.

Administrative Staff 1987: 70 positions (Hughes administration) -- $3,356,307, a 55.8 percent increase.

1991: 109 positions (Schaefer administration) -- $7,138,041, a 112.7 percent increase.

Mansion 1987: (Hughes administration) -- $371,149.

1991: (Schaefer administration) -- $674,644, a 81.8 percent increase.

Transportation In 1987, because the governor said he was afraid to fly, the Board of Public Works approved for his use the lease of a bus for $7,000 per month or $84,000 per year. If this continues four more years, the cost will be $336,000.

Property To guard the governor's house in Anne Arundel County, an estimate of the yearly cost, allowing $30,000 per guard for three shifts and a $15,000 car, is $105,000 or $420,000 for four more years. The state would also share in a similar cost for guarding the governor's property in Baltimore City.

Since the Board of Public Works spends some of this money, as does the legislature, it is suggested that the governor, the Board of Public Works, and a representative from the legislature meet to discuss ways to reduce these expenditures.

Editor's note: This letter was addressed to the Board of Public Works, the governor and the legislature.


From: James J. Riley

Candidate, House of Delegates District 31

The general election is almost here. It is time for you to give serious consideration to the candidates you will support with your vote. The right to vote and participate directly in our representative form of government is a cherished right, one that the citizens of all nations do not have.

There are many issues of importance to the citizens in District 31 -- issues I have highlighted in my campaign effort: rising property taxes, education, drugs, environment, growth and development.

I believe senior citizens on fixed incomes should receive consideration regarding property taxes. Home owners over 70 who have owned their homes more than 20 years should never pay an increase in property taxes as long as they reside in that home.

The option of paying property tax increases, or waiting until their home is sold, should be made available to home owners over 60 as long as they continue to reside in that home until selling date.

We should adopt standards of success for each public school and hold principals and teachers accountable for meeting those standards. I also believe in a more vigorous effort at drug awareness education and mandatory prison sentences for first-time convicted drug distributors.

We must address our environmental concerns by cleaning up our waterways, begin rapid reforestation and recycling programs.

Our adequate facilities ordinance is not being adhered to as growth and development are definitely proceeding faster than the ability of the county to provide roads, sewage, water, schools, recreation etc.

I will not insult your intelligence at the polls with workers handing out literature, for I do believe by the time you reach the polls you have already done your homework on the candidates and the issues and know for whom you are going to vote.

After you have given your earnest consideration to this most important position of responsibility, I hope that you will choose me, James J. Riley, as one of your three choices to represent you in the House of Delegates, District 31.


From: Ronald C. McGuirk

Glen Burnie

Vote "against" Question D, the property tax limitation charter amendment proposal! Why? Because it is excessive in its zeal, tying the hands of our elected officials and reducing the size and flexibility available to them as we enter what may be the most severe recession this region has encountered.

The Anne Arundel County Charter demands fiscal prudence and I think we have had responsible governmental management during the administrations of (the last) three county executives.

Our county is in excellent financial health, our bond ratings are superior, we have a solid fund balance for a rainy day and our property tax rate is lowest of all the metropolitan counties in Maryland.

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