More than 3 million safety seats recalled

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October 23, 1990

The manufacturer of Evenflo child safety seats is recalling the buckle assembly on more than 3 million seats because it doesn't meet government safety standards. "At times the buckle can look buckled and feel buckled even when it is not completely latched," said Jerry Curry, administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. If the buckle is not latched, it can release during a crash. The seats, manufactured between April 15, 1985, and April 22, 1990, have black buckle housings and red push-button releases. People using the seats should not return them to the retailer, Evenflo said. They should request a repair kit, which includes a replacement buckle assembly that is easily installed. Consumers should continue using the seat until the replacement arrives but should make certain the buckle is engaged by pulling down firmly on the crotch strap, the company said. To get a repair kit, call 1-800-837-8926 or write to Evenflo at 1801 Commerce Dr., Piqua, Ohio, 45356.

Halloween tips

With Halloween creeping up, many children are busy picking out costumes and masks. The Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh has a short list of pointers for ghosts and goblins of all ages to make Halloween festivities safer:

* Children should create or choose their own costumes under adult supervision; adults shouldn't buy a costume just because a child likes it. If a child is uncomfortable or ill at ease, he may become careless or clumsy.

* Children should be able to move easily in their outfits.

* Use makeup instead of masks; children, even older teens, enjoy painting their faces. Masks can be unsafe because they limit a child's vision.

* Put plenty of reflecting tape on a child's costume so he's visible to motorists.

* Accessories should be made of soft and flexible materials; sticks, metal poles, baskets, wires, are dangerous.

* If the weather turns wet or cold, make sure you can adapt the costume to such changes.

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