A dream becoming reality

October 22, 1990

When plans for a building world center for marine research in the Inner Harbor first surfaced, the notion of such an ambitious, multi-faceted project seemed like a fanciful pipe dream. But Baltimore's Inner Harbor has seen other dreams become reality, and with last week's news of congressional approval of $10 million in federal funds for 1991, plans are moving ahead to begin construction next fall on the Christopher Columbus Center of Marine Research and Exploration.

The federal appropriations are a testament to the effective work of Maryland's congressional delegation, especially on the part of Sen. Barbara Mikulski and Rep. Steny Hoyer. Their efforts have convinced people in Washington that this center is not another pork barrel project, but rather an essential link in preserving this country's lead in the important field of marine biotechnology. It's also worth noting the effect this dream has had in bringing hTC together city and state officials in the kind of cooperative effort that has been lacking in other matters.

The Columbus Center has moved beyond a pipe dream and is well on the way to becoming reality. That's good news for Baltimore, and for the country as well.

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