Anti-drug Program Comes To Two Elementary Schools


October 22, 1990|By Phyllis Flowers and Phyllis Lucas

The DARE Program (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) has come to the Brooklyn Park area. The program is sponsored by the county police department.

Two elementary schools - Belle Grove and Brooklyn Park - have been chosen to participate this year.

The program is aimed primarily at the fifth-grade students in conjunction with their science unit on drugs. The program emphasizes personal safety, self-esteem, risk-taking, decision-making, positive aspects of life, alternative plans and eight ways to say "no" to drugs.

Officer Jim Call is on hand every Tuesday morning at Belle Grove and Wednesday at Brooklyn Park. He greets the students, has lunch with them, goes to recess with them and stays to say goodbye to them. Any child who has a problem or question can ask him for help in finding a solution.

Officer Call spends 45 minutes with the fifth-graders on each visit. He is available for 20 to 30 minute presentations to other grades as well.

He carries a stuffed bear, "DARE Bear," with him on his visits, and each week a different student is chosen to have DARE Bear sit with them during class.

Upon completion of the 16-week course, the fifth-grade students will participate in a small program where they will receive certificates, perform skits and recite essays.

Officer Call's friendly smile and positive attitude is a welcomed addition to both schools.

Park Elementary School student pictures will be taken today. Make sure that your child's money envelope is returned to school. Also, don't forget, a CAC meeting is scheduled for 6 o'clock tonight at the school.

Brooklyn Park Elementary School will begin its annual fund-raiser Wednesday. Students will be selling Scott's candy, cookies, cheese and sausage. A variety of novelty gifts, gift wrap and "Steralite" items will also be available.

Also, students in third through sixth grade will be tested this week as part of the "Superfit Program." On Monday and Tuesday, the students will walk to the junior high school, where they will run a mile on the track. On Thursday and Friday, the students will be tested in the gym on their chin-ups, sit-ups, sit and reach, and a skin-fold test to measure body fat.

All tests will be conducted by physical education teacher Ron Russell and four volunteers. The test will be repeated in the spring to see if improvements have been made.

Brooklyn Heights United Methodist Church, 110 Townsend Ave., will sponsor its annual Autumn Fest 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.

The Fest will include homemade crafts and fancy items, homemade cookies and candy, soup, sandwiches, hot dogs, baked goods, treasures and jewelry.

Do you have the Wednesday Blues? Is your "Cup of Life" half empty or half full?

Community Baptist Church has just what you need. Every Wednesday, a prayer service will be conducted from noon until 1 p.m. The church is located on 5712 Belle Grove Road. Everyone is invited to attend.

Back in 1930, six ladies sat in the Pumphrey home of Anne Taylor, discussing the problems of the neighborhood. Their concerns at that time were things such as getting running water in their homes, paving dirt roads and getting outside lights in the community.

From that social gathering, the Women's Progressive League Inc. was formed. Today, the league is still discussing and solving problems in the neighborhood, although names and faces have changed. Members of the league are bonded by their faith in God and their love for their neighborhood.

On Saturday, the league will celebrate its 60th anniversary at the Lloyd Keaser Community Center, 5757 Belle Grove Road. A banquet is planned with music, good food and prayer. Tickets are $15 per person and may be purchased by contacting Naomi Marner at 789-4181.

What do you give to a person who has everything, or to someone who is hard to buy for? The Brooklyn Park Youth Athletic Association is selling the popular "Entertainment '91" books for its fall/winter fund-raiser.

These books make great presents for birthdays, Christmas and other holidays. The books are filled with hundreds of "Buy one, get one free" coupons for restaurants and fast-food eateries in the Baltimore area, Harborplace, Washington and Ocean City.

Also included are discount coupons for local car washes, dry cleaners and retail stores. But that's not all. Two-for-one coupons will get you in to major sports events in Baltimore: the Orioles, Bullets, Caps, Blast and Skipjacks.

The "Entertainment '91" books are $35 each.

For more information, call Daisy Garrison, 789-5430 Community organizations are one way your concerns can be heard. Everyone in the Pumphrey community is invited to attend the next Taxpayers Community Meeting 7:30 p.m. Thursday at the Lloyd Keaser Center. The meetings are held the fourth Thursday of each month.

On Thursday, the Brooklyn Park Satellite will celebrate "All Hallows Day." Everyone is asked to come in costumes. There will be first- , second- and third-prizes awarded. A birthday celebration will be held, also from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Kay Catrone a representative from the Anne Arundel County Department of Aging Assistance and Information Referral Program, will answer any questions or concerns. Catrone's will be discussing how to use medicine wisely. Activities begin at 9 a.m.

For more information, call Kathy White, 222-6825 Phyllis Flowers Mornings, 789-2517 Phyllis Lucas Evenings, 789-3118

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