Poll finds concerns about speakerphone


October 22, 1990

Almost half of all executives cringe at being broadcast on a speakerphone or refuse to converse under those conditions entirely, according to a nationwide survey.

The survey was developed by Accountemps, the world's largest temporary-personnel service for accounting, bookkeeping and information systems. It was conducted by an independent market research firm, which polled 200 executives from the pTC nation's 1,000 largest companies.

Business executives were asked: How do you feel about telephone conversations when the other person is on a speakerphone?

Forty-six percent said they disliked it. Of those, 2 percent said they'd refuse to talk entirely. Fifty-two percent said it made no difference, and 2 percent had no answer.

Of those traditionalists with an aversion to the speakerphone, 50 percent of them cited a lack of privacy as the main objection.

"Executives today are increasingly inundated with more efficient but less personal means of communication," said Robert Half, founder of Accountemps, "such as a fax that anybody can read or a telephone conversation via speakerphone that any passer-by can overhear.

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