Change stewards' inquiriesFTCI am one of many hundreds of...


October 21, 1990

Change stewards' inquiries


I am one of many hundreds of Maryland racing fans who enjoy the races and especially the art of handicapping, but I would like to recommend a change regarding stewards' inquiries.

In the seventh race at Laurel Race Course on Sept. 30, I had what I thought was a winner, but it was disqualified. The horse closed from the outside, and a rerun of the race indicated that there was no interference or bumping during the stretch. Therefore, I recommend that the following procedures be adopted for all inquiries or foul claims:

* The inquiry hearing should be made available immediately to the fans via the track monitors. The steward who called for the inquiry should explain to the fans why an inquiry was made. The same should be true for foul claims.

* After a decision is reached, the steward should explain vocally why that decision was reached, and it should be illustrated through the use of the television monitors where the foul occurred.

* If the above is not feasible, then a copy of the inquiry hearing should be made available to the public upon payment of a nominal fee.

Monford Wolfe


Likes Penn State stories

I appreciate the expanded coverage of Penn State football in recent editions of your paper. There are many Penn Staters and fans of PSU in the Baltimore area, and it's great to read pregame and game reports in The Sun. Keep up the good work.

Frank Chilipko

Glen Burnie

More soccer news, please

We are writing as concerned sports fans. We are appalled at the dismal coverage of soccer by the media. The championship game of the Maryland Bays was almost completely ignored. The Baltimore Blast won the Eastern Division title last season, but was given little coverage when competing for the MISL championship.

Local soccer leagues are widespread, have large memberships and a large following, indicating grass-roots interest in soccer. Fans of soccer are ready for in-depth coverage, not a cursory note on Page 3 of the sports section. It is the media's responsibility to cover this sport. Given the interest in soccer with such poor coverage, imagine what would happen if the media gave it the coverage it deserves.

Since the media is doing such a poor job of promoting our local teams, the Blast and the Bays, how will it be able to handle coverage of the major sports event of the world, the 1994 World Cup? The World Cup will be held in the United States, perhaps in Washington. The world will be watching not only the games, but our support and enthusiasm. Let's give this great sport the same respect it receives from the rest of the world.

Anita Gegorek

Steven F. Sachs


Get rid of Robinson

Despite the poor performance of the Baltimore Orioles this season, not one criticism of the manager (Frank Robinson) has been made. In other major-league cities, he would have been long gone by now.

San Francisco and Cleveland caught on to his ineptitude fairly quick and got rid of him.

He doesn't appear to want members of the pitching staff to go nine innings, and his coaching staff, except for Cal Ripken Sr., is a joke.

Let's start the '91 season on the right track with a new manager and coaching staff.

Harry Schonau


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