Tree Project Protested

October 21, 1990

WESTMINSTER - Tree advocates, disturbed that a project to widen West Main Street will destroy 40 century-old trees, debated the issue with State Highway Administration officials Monday afternoon.

The discussion between Wayne Clingan, SHA's district engineer, and about 12 concerned citizens led by Rebecca Orenstein did not reach a conclusion because neither side was willing to relent on their position.

Clingan said replacing the streets and pipes as projected would destroy most of the trees' root systems, killing them anyway. Therefore, the only way to save the trees would be to scale down the project.

However, those seeking to save the trees said they will take the issue further, including speaking to the City Council and appealing to the Department of Natural Resources, which must issue a permit before the trees are cut, said Kevin Dayhoff, a Westminster horticulturist and landscape designer.

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