Writer Should Note State Police's Value

Readers write

October 21, 1990

From: Joan Manns

Bel Air

Mr. Soltis' comments(Readers write, Oct.14)concerning the role of our state police is perhaps clouded by a recent ticket?

Fatalities on our highways bear as much concern as "citiziens gunned down in the streets." In fact, I have a greater chance of being slaughtered by an irresponsible driver than of being "gunned down."

The patrol of highways reminds drivers that the signs marking I-95 are not just speed limit signs. This patrol also helps to make progreess in reducing drunk drivng. Getting behind the wheel of a car while introxicated is no less serious a crime than attempted murder.

I am grateful for the efforts of the Maryland State Police and only wish there were more men and women on the force to protect me from the reckless drivers so prevalent on our roads.

Mr. Soltis needs to be reminded that violations of traffic laws are also crimes that cost far too many lives.


From: Patrick J. Goles

Bel Air

The town of Bel Air has been fortunate to be able to acquire the Hoza property for use as a recreation/parkland complex. This will be 50 acres of open space for the benefit of our citizens for generations to come.

As one of the people most involved since the beginning, I would like to recognize the generosity of the Hoza/Craster family.

The Board of Commissioners enlisted the aid of elected officials as well as staff personnel from both the county and state. A key individual was Delegate Eileen Rehrmann, who pulled resources together, contacted key agencies and worked with the Board of Public Works.

The Hozas are a unique and special family. Their property is zoned such that it allows for high-density, multifamily housing, and such zoning could command a much higher price for the property than would park land.

While many people were involved, it is my sincere and strong personal belief that the person most responsible for bridging all the gaps and for securing funding was Eileen Rehrmann. The person most responsible for this happy event occurring at all was the owner of the property, Jenovefa Hoza.

Bel Air will now have a beautiful "greenway" coming into the town for everyone to enjoy.


From: Doris L. Williams


Joppatowne High School

On behalf of the students, administrators, faculty and staff of Joppatowne High School, I would like to express appreciation to several agencies for the support and assistance they provided during the incident at our school on Tuesday, Sept. 25.

They are officers of the Harford County Sheriff's Department, Maryland State Police, State Fire Marshall, the Bomb Squads and Canine Corps of the State Police and Fire Marshall's office, Joppa-Magnolia Volunteer Fire Department, the Harford County Public Schools transportation department, central office personnel from the Harford County Public Schools and Tim Doolittle, pupil personnel worker.

Because of the diligence of all of these agencies, a potentially dangerous situation was averted.

I would also like to express my personal appreciation to the staff, students, parents and the Joppatowne community. During the entire incident, the students were calm and cooperative, the staff was professional, parents were understanding and the community was cooperative.

I sincerely appreciate the job done by all involved.

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