From The Sun Oct. 21-27, 1840Oct. 24: Yesterday afternoon...


October 21, 1990|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Oct. 21-27, 1840

Oct. 24: Yesterday afternoon, a young chap of rather dandified exterior, undertook to exhibit at once his precious person and his skill in horsemanship, by galloping at nearly full speed up and down Baltimore Street, which was at the time very much crowded.

Oct. 26: The population of Cecil County, Md., including white, black, free and slaves, it is stated is 17,914.

From The Sun Oct. 21-27, 1890

Oct. 21: Kate Schiebe, a servant, was arrested yesterday on a charge of disturbing the peace. At the central station she became hysterical. She said she had taken laudanum. The doctors at the City Hospital said she was suffering from alcoholism.

Oct. 27: Mayor Davidson signed a new ordinance for widening Fayette Street from Calvert to Liberty Streets and other measures passed by the late council.

From The Sun Oct. 21-27, 1940

Oct. 21: Capt. George T. Phillips, president of D. E. Foote & Co., the oldest canner in Baltimore in continuous years in the canning industry and a brother of Albanus Phillips, of Cambridge, Md., died Saturday night at the Johns Hopkins Hospital following an illness of two weeks.

Oct. 24: James Roosevelt, movie-producer son of President Roosevelt, last night introduced to Baltimoreans his anti-Nazi motion picture, "Pastor Hall," in a personal appearance at a downtown theater.

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