SOCCER: Blast profiles

October 20, 1990


*Joe Barger: Loyola College alumnus is known for his hard and tough defensive play and gets inspired to defend against the top offensive players. Has a booming shot that accounted for the lone goal in his rookie season for Baltimore.

*Chris Haywood: Was the Blast's No. 1 draft pick. At 5 feet 3, is the smallest player on the team but makes up for his size with quickness and instincts. Played at Old Dominion.

*Dale Mitchell: Is expected to score enough goals this season to fill up the Inner Harbor. Plays soccer year-round.

*Domenic Mobilio: Has knack for getting inside the scoring box and finishing off chances. Is entering third season. Was a sensation in the league two years ago at 19 and got better last year. Will alternate with Mitchell at striker to give Blast an explosive 1-2 punch.

*Rusty Troy: Can play defender, midfielder and striker, as Wittman does. A burly player who is not intimidated. Has one of the hardest shots in the league. Has improved his indoor skills.


*Richard Chinapoo: Has one of the fastest shots in the league, timed at 79 mph. Left the Blast for two years to play for the Sidekicks but said he always considered Baltimore his home.

*Dominic Feltham: Can run and score. His play in preseason games prompted the Blast to find a spot on the roster for him. Played for the University of Maryland.

*Billy Ronson: Has incredible ability to change directions at full speed. Gets up and down the floor as quickly as anybody and loves to harass bigger players. Has been spit on by Preki and Zoran Karic and punched out by P.J. Johns.

*Chris Simon: Runs in tremendous bursts of speed and sometimes can explode on the ball as Pele did. Has been the biggest surprise of training camp. Runs 40-yard -- in 4.5 seconds. Still learning the indoor game. Is product of James Madison University.

*Mike Stankovic: Loves to intimidate opponents with booming shots from long range and has penchant for punishing opponents, often drawing a foul or penalty. Is prepared to finish career in Baltimore after a stint with the Wings.

*David Vaudreuil: Has make a remarkable seven-month recovery from reconstructive knee surgery to repair a torn anterior cruciate ligament. Was supposed to take 10 months to come back. Shortened the recovery period by devotion to therapy.

*Tim Wittman: Is always around the ball and scores a lot of what are called by his teammates "ugly goals." Is the second all-time scorer (168 goals, 82 assists) on the Blast behind Stan Stamenkovic. Fearlessly throws himself around the floor.


*Angelo Panzetta: Excels in speed and stamina. Can run all day without getting tired and can take a lot of physical punishment without coming off the field. Arms and legs always seem to be scraped up.

*Mike Reynolds: Is a quietly efficient defender who likes to say he "shuts down everybody that Bruce Savage doesn't." Has quickness and speed. Was named the team's Rookie of the Year in 1986-87 and battled back from blood-pressure problems to be the Unsung Player of the Year last season. Sat out the 1988-89 season.

*Bruce Savage: Is the nicest guy in the league and one of the best defenders. Refused early in his career to take dirty shots at an opponent and continues to play a clean and effective game. Was named the Blast's Player of the Decade by fans in February.

*Mark Mettrick: Takes good, hard shots at an opponent, but isn't known for cheap shots. Has made himself an excellent player in two seasons. Coach Kenny Cooper says Mettrick deserved All-Star recognition last season.


*Scott Manning: An 11-year league veteran who seems to be getting better with age. Uses quickness, instinct and athletic ability to cut down the scoring angles, making him the top goalkeeper in MSL. Anticipates developments in front of him and constantly talks to the defense.

*Scoop Stanisic: Thinks the larger goals will give him an advantage because of his quickness and ability to cover ground. Plays every game with a rubber doll behind the goal. The doll was given to him five years ago by his sister, Olivera, when he left Belgrade, Yugoslavia, to come to the United States and play soccer.

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