The new ``Twin Peaks'' mystery: Who sells Laura Palmer T-shirts?

October 19, 1990|By Randi Henderson

You were expecting maybe cherry pie or wonderful coffee or perhaps even a souvenir log. But "Twin Peaks" fans will be sporting a more conventional form of advertisement for the quirky TV show as Twin Peaks T-shirts hit the street.

Logotel Inc., a Kensington firm which won exclusive licensing rights for the shirts, will soon begin shipping shirts to retailers. They will be available in outlets ranging from large department stores to small gift shops, said Logotel president Eric Henry, adding that he could not yet be more specific about where to find them.

The Logotel Twin Peaks line "reflects the program's unique production values and macabre, mysterious style," Mr. Henry said. There are seven different T-shirt designs: the official patch of the Twin Peaks sheriff's department, Laura Palmer's prom photo, a woodblock rendering of red herrings, a deer head, a video image of Laura Palmer, renderings of Twin Peaks icons, and an official Twin Peaks logo.

The T-shirts will be available in adult sizes at a suggested retail price of $13.95 to $14.95.

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