Wittman will join roster if he signs amendment

October 18, 1990|By Bill Free

Baltimore Blast general manager John Borozzi said last night that Tim Wittman will be put on the 18-man roster tomorrow if he signs an amendment to his $52,000-a-year contract.

Borozzi wouldn't give any details of the amendment, but Wittman, who has failed two team physicals because of a degenerative disk, most likely is being asked to accept less money until he passes a physical and plays for the Blast.

Borozzi said he and Major Soccer League commissioner Earl Foreman worked out the agreement to have Wittman on the roster.

Borozzi said the Major Soccer League Players Association has to approve the amendment signed by Wittman, a factor that Borozzi said is the primary concern right now.

John Kerr, director of the MSL Players Association, couldn't be reached for comment last night.

Tim Wittman also couldn't be reached last night, but his father, Jack, said, "Tim's been talking about the possibility of the amendment, but I'm not sure what he's going to do. I'm sure they're asking him to take less pay."

Borozzi said Wittman would be agreeable to signing the amendment.

Blast owner Ed Hale had asked Foreman on Tuesday night to "work out something" to help Baltimore buy time for Wittman.

Hale said Foreman came up with a solution yesterday to "just keep Timmy on the roster."

"There's a way Timmy can be compensated," Hale said. "I told Earl and John to work out the details."

The MSL rule says a team must have 18 pro players under contract from the first day of the season to the last day of the playoffs.

Technically, Wittman is not a pro now because he failed the physical and isn't being paid.

But the amendment with the compensation that Hale talked about would make Wittman a pro and put him under contract, satisfying two important factors of the league rule.

Blast coach Kenny Cooper said: "Earl Foreman has always been very accommodating, and we're asking to buy some time for Timmy. We have to look at the rest of the league teams and see what they think about doing this. The rules stipulate that you have to have 18 players under contract on the roster. We know we're asking for a favor. Every team wants to beat the other one, so we have to find out what they feel about us getting these accommodations."

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