Lanes Treat Glen Burnie Bowler Right


Roll Strikes All Night At Southdale's Lanes

October 18, 1990|By Donald G. Vitek

Scott Poe, manager of Stepps Pro Shop at Country Club Lanes, rolled a 911 series to earn the scratch singles title in the Hanover (Pa.) Bowling Centre's tournament, which ran May through Sept. 30.

The tournament attracted 7,503 entrants who competed for more than $138,000 in prize money. Poe took home $2,100.

Poe lives in Glen Burnie and bowls in three leagues, the Monday Night Baltimore Men's Scratch and the Thursday Night Minor at Country Club Lanes and the Thursday Night Major Men's League at Fair Lanes Edgewood. And since he's a regional professional bowler he enters a lot of tournaments.

The Glen Burnie High School graduate and right-handed bowler said, "Hanover center has a tough condition, but it's a fair condition, and I like that when I'm competing. Too many houses have conditions that don't remain stable from week to week. I would like to see more consistency in bowling, with even different houses maintaining some degree of consistency, with conditions, if not the same every week, at least close to being the same."

Poe carries a 219 average, has thrown eight 300 games and a 790 series, so his comments carry a lot of weight. This young man knows what lane conditions should be to provide a tough, but fair, arena for bowlers.

Lee Brosius of Odenton also knows a little bit about bowling, and he echoes Poe.

"Hanover's condition was tough but fair, the kind of conditions that I prefer," he said.


**Bowl America Odenton

Saturday Youth League Scores

Pre-Bantam (2-game format)

Kenny Massie (age 7) 74/144

Bantam (3-game format)

Krystal Brady (age 8) 105/260

Prep (3-game format)

Rich Daff Jr. (age 11) 193/500

Misty Massy (age 10) 159/370

Junior (3-game format)

Garry Chaney (age 13) 180/445


Kenny Brown (age 15) 247/552

Thursday Night Scratch

Ricky Bryant 187/470

Susan Bacon 185/469

Theresa Pearson 169/466

Mike Davidson 159/450


Greenway Bowl Glen Burnie

Independent Mixed

Gary Crosen 142/384

Steve Wagner 147/383

Hap Habel 135/380

Doris Bilson 131/351

Denise Brady 129/367

Brenda Lanahan 132/340

Carr Lowrey Glass Mixed

Marion Delworth 156/397

Tom Sparenberg 142/384

Mike Merson 139/398

Janice Sparenberg 132/378

Wade Caton 139/380

Vernon Lohrman 130/375

Lil's Seniors

Frank Lipieko 133/381

Buck Buchanan 124/350

Frank Moore 350

Bill Schoenemann 134/346

Cathy Lynch 154/409

Dot Jackman 123/351

Tuesday Fort Meade

Rick Mack 153/418

Bruce Sanders 152/412

Chuck Geisdaffer 163/395

Livi Lahdelma 158/379

Fran Vacholy 138/373

Midge Crizer 126/363

Monday Morning Ladies

Fran Vacholy 157/438

Sharon Lear 154/428

Penny Houghton 387

Kathy Sanders 149/379

Beverly Norris 364

Charley Fritts 364

Greenway Jills

Helen Showalter 136/351

Louise Bronakoski 128/359

Kathy Leonard 130/358

Monday Night Mixed

Danny Knopp 154/415

Walter Quast 155/411

Donald Davis 153/405

Severn Ladies

Kathy Huggard 103/301

Betty Happel 104/278

Linda Shepard 98/277

Shirley Brill 94/274

Monday Doubles

Jim Lane 182/486

Bill Bennoit 153/446

Spike Ferguson 172/428

Wednesday Carefree Ladies

Kathy Leonard 170/397

Carol Miller 139/382

Nellie Bentz 130/353

U.S. Coast Guard

Wes Dorr 175/413

Ben Ray Jr. 145/411

Frank Boyar 169/399

Babs Halley 140/393

Marion Dorr 149/377

Norma Heistler 128/363

**Alley Cats

Marlene Crosby 144/379

Wanda Szczech 135/372

Dot Reid 147/341

Wednesday Pin & Ball Wizard

Geri Cordery 142/354

Marlene Ryan 133/349

Bill Trott 138/400

Greenway House Majors

Russ Hammel 170/473

Chuck Snifflett 157/470

Joe Novak 170/466

Butch Ruppert 177/466

**Riviera Bowl

Monday Night Inter-Church

Tony Lyba 177/409

Debbie Latham 166

Marian Ziegebhein 411

Ed Zepp 409

Stoney Creek Ladies

Joy Reinhardt 170

Mabel Hanna 420

Tuesday Morning Ladies

Eva Blueford 160/429

Men's Commercial

Dave West 202

Paul DeGraff 512

Wednesday Morning Ladies

Pat Weaver 156/383

Shirley Sienkiewicz 389

Jenny Winters 144/364

Solley Mixed

John Haberkorn 162/394

Ed Johnson 418

Doris Johnson 169/400

Good Times

Rob Villinas 157/401

Wednesday Night Triples

Glenna Grimes 181/439

Cathy Flemming 170/425

Harold Veasel 169/440

Frank Vodusek 437

Brian Switzer 152/415

Thursday Morning Ladies

Dee Lowe 141/356

Carol Steinhice 138/370

Teresa Sparklin 152/415

Thursday Night Mixed

Josie Luber 162

Edith Johnson 156/400

Wayne Gruss 169/398

Gary Fogler 153/408

Thursday Night Social

Phil Little 192/422

Sun Valley Mixed

Wendy Young 169/423

Gay Oliver 157/375

Carl Files 192/471

Bill Boss 187/420

Tim Scheminant 433

Sandy Greenstreet 390

Saturday Night Mixed

Frank Kern 212

Larry Waters 188/443

Donna Ratcliff 162/426

Ronni Fincato 400

Laura Vogt 157

Herb Ratcliff Jr. 175

Gary Hornbaker 179

Brian Switzer 172

Walt Brooks 172/451

Jene Durham 173

Dale Bowers 177

Sunday Night Mixed

Donna Ratcliff 190/481

Bob Gavin 182/441

Paul Schmidt 190

Millard Herold 184/455

Don Seymour Jr. 178

Bob Evans 161

Keith McNutt 168

Cindy Withrow 157

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