Fashion Tenets To Live By

October 18, 1990|By Robin Givhan | Robin Givhan,Knight-Ridder News Service

Arecent edition of the menswear trade publication DNR lists various designers' 10 commandments of fashion. Some bear repeating: Jeffrey Banks: Thou shalt not wear white patent leather shoes, ever.

Ronaldus Shamask: Don't wear white stretch limos.

Isaac Mizrahi: A good man should be seen and not smelled.

Joseph Abboud: Never wear shoulders that look as though they were still on the hanger.

Sabato Russo: Thou shalt know women love a man in a suit.

Roger Forsythe (of Perry Ellis): Thou shalt not take fashion too seriously.

Alexander Julian: No one is the perfect size.

Andrew Fezza: Honor thy planet.

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