At $103,330 per victory, Orioles got off cheap

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October 17, 1990|By Ken Rosenthal

...fTC If nothing else, the Orioles led the majors this season in the all-important cost-per-victory standings, according to figures compiled by the National Sports Daily.

The Orioles spent $103,330 per victory with a $7.9 million payrolthat was by far the lowest in baseball. The White Sox had the second lowest average ($103,946) and second lowest payroll ($9.7 million).

The Cincinnati Reds, with a $14.9 million payroll, finished third ithe NL standings behind Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. The Oakland A's, with a $19.9 million payroll, finished a surprising eighth in the AL.

The least cost-efficient clubs were the New York YankeesKansas City and California, the only three teams with payrolls that exceeded $20 million. Each of the Yankees' 67 victories cost $324,125.

Team payroll figures were based on 1990 salaries, witadjustments for major trades. The Orioles and White Sox were the only clubs with payrolls below $10 million.

One reason the Orioles' figure was so low is because theiplayers had the lowest average major-league service at the start of the season. Their offseason acquisitions will determine whether their ranking will change.

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