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News briefs

October 17, 1990


An Ellicott City family has filed a $200,000 civil lawsuit against the owners of a mixed-breed dog they say attacked their child, causing permanent facial scarring.

Robert and Christi Willett of the 4200 block of Buckskin Wood Drive filed suit in Howard County Circuit Court Friday on behalf of their 10-year-old daughter, Stephanie.

According to the Willetts' lawyer, William T. Glasgow, Stephanie was playing in the yard of James McGrann of Folly Quarter Road with one of the McGrann children when the attack occurred Feb. 17.

The children were playing on a swing set when the dog, a family pet, was let off his chain, ran to Stephanie and attacked her, Glasgow said.

The attack caused "grievous injury," the suit maintains, requiring 45 stitches to close wounds on the child's cheek and lip. Glasgow said Stephanie will suffer permanent scarring and require cosmetic surgery.

The suit contends that other children had been attacked by the dog.

Glasgow said that he did not know how many other children had been bitten and that he is looking into allegations of other attacks.

"Allowing the dog into the vicinity of the children amounted to gross negligence, when the defendant had knowledge of the dog's dangerous habits," the suit states.

The family had the dog destroyed the day following the attack, Glasgow said. The dog had not been trained as a watch or attack dog, he said.


A State Highway Administration study of a road nobody wants in western Howard County refuses to die.

Although the governor had written County Executive M. Elizabeth Bobo on Oct. 1 to say he had killed the study "effective immediately," affected residents received a bulk mailing Monday telling them the study was still on.

"Clearly, the (state) mailing was an oversight and an embarrassment," county planning director Uri Avin said Monday as he spoke in favor of a resolution to "permanently" remove the study from the county's General Plan.

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