October 17, 1990


From: Robert Ryan Tousey

Ellicott City

Betty Simon's letter of Oct. 7 characterized Angela Beltram, D-2nd, as outstanding. I disagree. Ms. Beltram's term has been plagued by disagreements with colleagues, broken promises and ineffectiveness. After reviewing the Beltram record, voters of the second district can decide for themselves if it is outstanding or dismal.

On April 4, 1988, Councilwoman Beltram walked off the council dais as the council prepared to vote on six appointments. She remained absent during the votes. The reason: a colleague was going to criticize her. On April 14, 1988, a newspaper article quoted Ms. Shane Pendergrass. These strained relationships have caused Ms. Beltram's ineffectiveness.

During the last campaign, Ms. Beltram promised that if elected, she would introduce comprehensive adequate facilities legislation. She said it would cover public safety, water supply, sewer capacity, roads and schools.

This bill has yet to be introduced. She did however, introduce a bill which would have prohibited new home building if schools were already at 110 percent of capacity. Under this proposal new developments could be approved even if schools servicing the new homes were projected to be overcapacity the new year. This is the type of reasoning that has created the current zoning mess! It also fails to attack the other aspects of adequate facilities Ms. Beltram found so important four years ago.

The voters can evaluate Ms. Beltram's effectiveness as they wait 15 minutes to exit their developments in the morning or as they send their children off to an overcrowded school.


From: Michael J. Stevens

Ellicott City

What is wrong with the enclosed picture? *

Check with any square club. The first thing I was told when I used to dance: All males will wear long-sleeve shirts. Because of the many arm turns involved, it was not in good taste for ladies to have to take hold of a man's hairy and sweaty arm. It may be all right for short sleeves at this club, but I would not like to see someone embarrassed at some other club because they did not have (a) long-sleeve shirt and could not dance.

Editor's note: This family square dance activity, sponsored by the Columbia Association, was strictly a recreational activity, not part of a square dance club.


From: Paul L. Smith

Ellicott City

Your recent article by James M. Coram ("Voter contentment troubles candidates," The Howard County Sun, Sunday, Oct. 7) in which he arrived at the rather startling and unfounded conclusion that the reason for lackadaisical voter turnout is due to "voter contentment" is absolutely amazing. I believe that the word "contentment" should be supplanted by the word "disgust".

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