City Fines Returned

October 17, 1990

TANEYTOWN - Last-minute property tax payers in this North Carroll city last week were given a one-day reprieve, as city officials decided to change wording on tax bills.

The wording -- which suggested that late fees would be imposed on any bill paid on or after Oct. 1 -- was challenged by former City Councilman Russell E. Mummert. Mummert, who went to City Hall to pay his bill on Oct.

1. He was assessed an $8.02 late fee, which, he said, was unfair.

The city's charter, said city Manager Neal W. Powell, is "crystal clear" when it comes to late fees -- they are imposed after Oct. 1.

Mummert's $8.02 was refunded Monday night when the council decided to bring the language in the tax bills in line with the charter. A total of $22 was refunded to others who were incorrectly charged late fees this year.

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