Town Wants Bypass

October 17, 1990

HAMPSTEAD - Although financing for the long-delayed Route 30 bypass here has been dropped indefinitely, the town manager this week urged politicians to lobby state legislators hard for the project.

Manager John A. Riley, speaking during a regular Town Council meeting Monday, urged councilmen and the mayor to lobby state officials until they restore financing for the proposed bypass. The project was to be built by 1992 but has since fallen victim to budget-cutting in Annapolis.

"Get ahold of your representatives and beat on them," Riley said.

"You'll never get anything unless the wheel squeaks."

Riley said that the freeze in highway construction money means that morning and evening rush hours along Main Street will continue to be bumper-to-bumper affairs.

"The bypass is crucial," he said last week before the council meeting.

"We need to question the people who told us the money was there to fund it.

If the money was there, where did it all of a sudden go?"

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