Simpsons' look promises to be big this year at Halloween

October 17, 1990|By Orlando Sentinel

If a yellow-skinned, blue-haired, bug-eyed stranger should come knocking on your door toward the end of the month, don't have a cow, man. It's probably just one of the neighborhood kids dressed up as Marge Simpson for Halloween.

Marge is the matriarch of "The Simpsons", Fox network's jaundiced-looking, cartoon-character family who were the surprise hit of the last TV season.

This year, the Simpsons -- Marge and hubby Homer, big sister Lisa, baby sister Maggie and bratty brother Bart -- promise to be a hit on Halloween night, too.

Marge's blue beehive and Bart's spiky yellow locks are big sellers, even at $22.95 apiece, in the wig department at Paramount Theatrical Specialties in Orlando, Fla. Bart and Lisa costumes ($8.99), which come with yellow plastic masks, are proving popular at Toy's R Us. And hairstylists report their clients are asking how to spike their hair, a la Bart, Lisa and Maggie, or tease it into a tower, a la Marge.

They haven't had anyone ask about shaving their heads in imitation of Homer's balding pate, however.

The Simpsons seem to appeal to a broad range of age groups.

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