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October 16, 1990

Steadman too parochial

John Steadman consistently exhibits the old, parochial, pariah-like attitudes of the Old Baltimore. Small-town chauvinism, Balmer-style. His latest (Oct. 10) demonstration was maudlin, us-against-Maryland because Jack Scarbath was not hired as AD at the university.

In the piece he demeans the school's president as being "from somewhere else," and sloughs off the new AD as "another import."

In fact, Dr. Kirwan has served the university for a period spanning two decades. Andy Geiger's hire has been roundly regarded by intercollegiate athletics' cognoscente as a major coup.

John, take a trip to Lexington, Ky., or Palo Alto, Calif. Meet some people, broaden your horizons. Join the global village. Or, just get out of town.

Don Frost


McKee is positive influence

I am writing this letter in response to the article entitled, "Hickey Kids Have A Prayer, Thanks To Visit." The article appeared in The Evening Sun dated Sept. 13, 1990. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sandra McKee for writing an article that accentuated one of the many positive aspects of Charles Hickey School.

Being the recreation director for the Charles Hickey School and having assisted in organizing the the Sportspower Ministries visit, it gave me great pleasure to read the article. Not only did you cover the activity from Sportspower's point of view, you were also able to give insights referenced to the feelings of our youth. That in itself made the article one worth reading.

Jimmy R. Lewis

Director of Recreation

Charles Hickey School



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