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October 16, 1990

The finer points of discrimination

Richard Banks (Other Voices, Oct. 8) is not writing about racism; he is writing about competition.

Gore Vidal said of competition, "It's not enough to succeed; others must fail." Also, a successful novelist said when he reads a review in which a fellow author's novel is panned, his heart leaps up.

A friend, a pretty, jolly, likable lady who sells real estate, has noticed her colleagues have become unfriendly, even surly in her presence. Her sin? She sold two expensive properties and earned large commissions. She was popular so long as she wasn't outstandingly successful.

Another friend moved from England to this country because he has the wrong accent. In England he would have had trouble rising in his field, engineering.

Racism is only one form of discrimination, and discrimination exists wherever it can enhance one's chances for success.

R. Murray Chastain


We need cholesterol

It is widely accepted that higher cholesterol levels may clog arteries. The list of foods that are high in cholesterol content is well-advertised.

It is easy to come to the wrong conclusion that reducing or eliminating these high-cholesterol foods is the simple solution, and a diet of low-cholesterol food is then pursued aggressively.

But all these facts must be taken into consideration:

1. The body needs cholesterol.

2. The body makes cholesterol.

3. The body has a mechanism that controls the amount or level of cholesterol it makes.

4. This control mechanism works to different degrees of effectiveness in different people. In some people, the control may barely work at all.

It can be that a person's body will actually make more cholesterol than the desired level.

This condition can prevail while the person is really following a stringent, low-cholesterol diet. Under this condition, continuing to follow such a strict diet will not accomplish its purpose. Accept that fact.

The body requires many different nourishments to maintain itself. By continuing unsuccessful cholesterol dieting, the body may be deprived of the nutrients it must have.

&Martin Lindsay Cardwell Sr.


Budget medicine

What Congress is doing to this country has convinced me that none of us can stay quiet any longer.

Budget resolutions that have a "cold turkey" effect will not work. Congress does not have the fortitude for such action. We must start slowly and build on success.

As in all bankrupt enterprises, frills must be eliminated first. Actions must include: a freeze on all employment (exceptions for critical areas), a 33 percent cut in congressional staffs, a 25 percent cut in office budgets, restrictions on travel, elimination of franking privileges, subsidies on haircuts, meals, health club memberships and television studio time, and the curtailment of the use of consultants. The dent on the budget would not be massive, but a start would be made.

Next, real campaign clean-up laws must be enacted. The playing field must be leveled so responsible, normal citizens can enter politics. Capping expenditures on a per-eligible-voter basis along with the elimination or restriction of PAC contributions would start this process.

My last recommendation would be to put a $25 surcharge on each taxpayer that, by law, could only be used to lower the principal on the country's outstanding debt. This will also lower our interest payments and this savings, again by law, would be used to lower the deficit.

An election is coming and this is our chance to make a difference. Remember, we get the type of government we deserve!

lan McAllister

Severna Park

So this is freedom

Defenders of freedom have argued eloquently that it is the right of every American to have access to recorded music that has been described ` by the defenders ` as lewd, filthy, degrading and having no moral value. Extending the same freedom to T-shirts, outdoor advertising and bumper stickers, our libertarians proclaim, "It's OK if it seems OK to you." To the detractors of such unbridled license is attached an onus ` that bad word, "fundamentalist."

If, for no reason other than desire for food and clothing, one must be subjected to the pervasive results of these free choices made by others, then why should it be so alarming that a person choosing to invade a male bathroom would be exposed to males acting like they were in a male bathroom? Why, if the press is so anti-censorship in every other arena, should there be such across-the-board defense of one who is "victimized" by the predictable progression of those freedoms?

rlene M. Grove


: Apathy

It may be true that the majority of the voters this year did not feel that they had a choice of candidates of the caliber of a Thomas Jefferson.

But far too many people have struggled to guarantee to this generation the right to vote for people to rationalize not voting.

Grason Eckel

The writer is a member of the Democratic State Central Committee in the 46th District.

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