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October 16, 1990


From: Heidi Berry


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Bob Neall volunteers who helped make the Sept. 23 fund-raiser at Reds Dove a tremendous success.

No campaign can survive without volunteers and even more so an event like the Reds Dove event which you all put on.

Thanks again for all your help. You all know who you are.

*Editor's note: The writer is the events coordinator for the Neall campaign.


From: John J. Fallon

Former delegate, District 31

The Democratic Party is alive and well in Anne Arundel County. After a competitive primary election the Democrats have selected an outstanding group of candidates to put before the voters of Anne Arundel County on Nov.


Names like McMillen for Congress, Sophocleus for county executive, Weathersbee for state's attorney, Wagner, Winegrad, Jimeno and Fowler for the Maryland Senate; Astle, Busch, Segree, Cadden, Huff, Kolodziejski, Athey, Scannello, Sulin, Bosma, Burlison, and Perry for the Maryland House of Delegates; Buchman, Middlebrooks, Ahern, Boschert, Gilligan, Lamb and Clagett for County Council; Huggins for sheriff, Schafer for clerk of the Circuit Court, Locascio for Register of Wills, Duckett, Durner, and Owens for judges of the Orphan's Court; Duckett and Rushworth for judges of the Circuit Court.

The aforementioned candidates are people candidates. They listen to what citizens say, and they are problem solvers. The Democratic Party has always been the people's party . . . a party for all the people, not just a few!

Therefore, I urge all Democrats to vote for your party's candidates, and I invite our Republican friends to join with us in the coming general election.


From: Debbie Allred

Glen Burnie

I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me with our youth organizations in Anne Arundel County, of any county, in fact.

I'm sure everyone at one time or another has felt the same as I do, and I know there are plenty of parents in the same organization I am in now who feel the same way.

It's a little late now to help any with this football season, but maybe if we do something now, things like this won't happen again. If you are a coach, please take notice of what I am about to say and put yourself in this child's shoes and see how you would feel.

It's football season and all little boys want to be a football hero. So what do they do? They get mom to sign them up with their favorite organization with high hopes of becoming a football hero. What a big disappointment!

After weeks of practice (none missed) in the long hot days of August, five or six nights a week at two to three hours per night with heavy equipment learning all the plays, the Big Day comes. The first game of the season and you're all ready to do your part to help your team win the game.

You're sitting on the bench waiting to be called in for the play, and you wait and wait.

It's already halftime, and you're still waiting. You ask your coach, "When do I go in?" Your coach screams back at you from the sidelines, "Don't bother me! We need to do what's best for the team!" Then all of a sudden he yells for you; it's your turn. It's already into the third quarter so you go in, make your play, and he pulls you out again. You sit on the bench again.

Well, now you've had your turn in the spotlight and did your job and followed the rules. You played the exact amount of time you had to!

Now let me ask you, how would you feel if this were you? Like you're not good enough!

Many of the parents feel they paid the same as everyone else and all the boys should play the same amount of time. I was led to believe that when you sign your child up in an organization, they are there to learn about the sport, not that only the best can play and the rest sit and watch.

No child will learn any sport without participation. Every parent paid a fee to have their children learn and participate in the sport. Let each and every child have the same chance to play. Good or bad, they all deserve the same amount of attention.

I think we parents need to do something now; otherwise we won't have as many youth organizations in the future, because when these boys grow up, they'll already have lost interest in coaching younger ones.

These coaches must remember they are dealing with young children and are molding our future!


From: Manuel L. Carvalho

Glen Burnie

As a lifelong Democrat, I would encourage Democratic voters in District 31 to seriously consider James J. Riley for the House of Delegates.

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