Steinbrenner hasn't forgotten Reds' Piniella and Quinn

October 15, 1990|By Newsday

Cincinnati manager Lou Piniella and general manager Bob Quinn received telegrams from George Steinbrenner before the playoffs. Piniella on Sunday decided to share the message: "Good luck, Lou. You've been there before. Play like Fenway in '78."

The message to Quinn was in response to a phone conversation Quinn and Steinbrenner had after the Reds clinched the National League West title. "I had called him," Quinn said. "I wanted to thank him for giving me a job because I wouldn't have gotten this job if I hadn't had that one. His telegram said congratulations and good luck and that the phone call from me was one of the most meaningful he'd ever received in baseball."

But Quinn feels vindicated. "Sure, there would have to be a tinge of that feeling in me," Quinn said. "George told a lot of people, 'Bob Quinn can't pull the trigger on a trade.' Well, we've made five fairly decent player moves, going back to the winter meetings in Nashville. They were made only after careful consideration and discussions with the manager, scouts and player development people.

"Over there it was always the shotgun approach: 'Get it done, get it done now. It doesn't matter if it's the right move, just get it done.' That's the wrong way.

PD "So, sure, there is a certain amount of satisfaction right now."

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