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October 15, 1990

True leadership

I had the pleasure of listening to William S. Shepard, the Republican candidate for governor, at the Carney-Parkville library on April 26 when he gave his opinion on abortion - before the primary. This is the mark of a true leader.

Governor Schaefer gave his third opinion after that election ... proving that he is not leading but merely following the crowd. Need I tell you who will get my vote?

Leo DePazzo


Locker room talks

Neither male nor female sportswriters should be allowed in the locker room. After the players have been punched, kicked, tackled and sacked, they need time to rest, shower and tend their wounds.

Why can't management provide a lounge outside the locker room where reporters can wait and interview players when they exit? All writers would then have equal access to the stars.

If Lisa Olson were a player rather than a reporter, would she want male members of the press in the locker room while she showered and dressed?

Frankly, it's difficult to understand why man or woman would brave the stench and vulgarity of the locker room to talk about anything.

Magdalene B. Fennell


Unfair rate hikes

This is the gargantuan charge that Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. would soon extract from its customers ` $197,504,000. This amounts to a whopping 12 percent increase over what BG&E customers already pay for utilities. A significant part of this huge sum is requested, in the words of John M. Glynn of the Maryland People's Counsel (quoted in the Sept. 19 Evening Sun), "t compensate it for the substantial increased cost which it has incurred as a result of its mismanagement at Calvert Cliffs. The company is asking to be rewarded for failure . How preposterous that the customers of BG&E who do not enjoy the option of purchasing their utilities elsewhere should bear this burden.

I therefore propose this to the Public Service Commission, which has been holding public hearings on BG&E's request: Every BG&E stockholder and every individual in a BG&E management position suffer a 24 percent (double the rate increase request) reduction in stock income and salary, respectively. Only then should the PSC even consider BG&E's outrageous $197,504,000 request.

John MacHale III


2 percent cap would restore accountability

Recently, you editorialized about the impending doom that passage of the 2 percent cap on property tax revenue would bring to Baltimore County residents.

How can approximately 1 percent of the county budget's revenue loss cause the ravages you forecast? The "cushion" built into budget estimates is at least two or three times the 1 percent loss of tax revenue. The "fat" is there.

Further, why don't you emphasize that the tax cap only affects one-third of the county's revenue and that an annual increase close to half the rate of inflation isn't catastrophic at all. By prioritizing budget items, there will never need to be cuts in education, police or fire protection.

Baltimore County needs an unbiased look by taxpayers (similar to the Grace Commission) at what can be cut or reduced. The Evening Sun should be pushing hard for such action. Your investigative reporters should be digging into the budget for non-essential areas. Your approach should be taxpayer-oriented, not the reverse.

Larry Larsen


Budget idiocy

During the latest national budget brouhaha, the budget summit came up with the brilliant suggestion of eliminating wasteful and expensive items by increasing the payments to Medicare, and decreasing the benefits to our elderly. The claim was that the Medicare package in its present form was too expensive and the money just wasn't there to continue it.

In the next breath, Secretary of State Baker offered Israel $400 million to help house and relocate Soviet Jews. Question is, where did they find the $400 million to give to Israel when they didn't have money to give to our own elderly and homeless?

Can anyone out there answer this question? Why do all the idiots seem to congregate in Washington, Annapolis and Towson?

Emmaniol Kalathas


Nation of idiots

We are truly a nation of idiots.

Our (so-called) leaders struggle for months to reduce the federal deficit by a few billion dollars.

Meanwhile, we cut essential domestic programs, we reduce medical aid to our elderly, we watch our bankrupt cities decay, we trim funds for our homeless children and their families, we threaten millions of federal workers with layoffs.

At the same time, we give Israel, an apartheid state, $400 million to build housing for its immigrants.

We owe the United Nations $750 million, some of which would go to the Palestinians, many of whom have no homes, no food, no rights as human beings.

We are truly a nation of idiots.

Kirk S. Nevin

White Hall

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