Samuel Brownell, 90a one-time Nebraska high school teacher...

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October 15, 1990

Samuel Brownell, 90

a one-time Nebraska high school teacher who served as U.S. Commissioner of Education in the Eisenhower administration, died of heart failure Friday in New Haven, Conn. He was was a Yale professor and president of the New Haven State Teachers College in 1953 when President Dwight D. Eisenhower named him commissioner. With enrollments soaring as the "baby boom" generation reached school age, Mr. Brownell urged a rapid expansion of the American education system. He began programs to fight illiteracy and pushed for higher salaries and better working conditions for teachers. He resigned in 1956 to become superintendent of schools in Detroit.

Walter Ames Compton, 79

a former chairman of Miles Inc. whose research into nutrition led to the introduction of One-A-Day vitamin supplements and chewable children's vitamins, died Thursday at his home in Elkhart, Ind. His career at the Elkhart-based company, formerly known as Miles Laboratories, spanned more than 45 years.

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