Turn off that setAfter the San Diego Chargers were routed...

Fumbles and follies

October 14, 1990|By Vito Stellino

Turn off that set

After the San Diego Chargers were routed by the Pittsburgh Steelers -- who hadn't scored a touchdown this season until the Chargers arrived in town -- by a 36-14 score, linebacker Gary Plummer said: "I was wishing through some freakish accident that it wasn't televised back to San Diego because I was hoping no one I knew could watch the game. That's how embarrassing it was."

Let's get the story straight

Sam Wyche, Cincinnati Bengals coach, denied last week thahe ran up the score when the Bengals beat the Houston Oilers, 61-7, last year.

"We didn't try to run up the score on them," Wyche said. "There's no such thing in the NFL as running up the score. That's nice little thing for you guys to write about.

However, quarterback Boomer Esiason said: "Sure [we ran it up], any time you call time out when you have 58 points on the board . . . "

Esiason said he later called Houston quarterback Warren Moon to apologize.

Better be lucky than good

NFL Films wired Denver Broncos safety Steve Atwater when he made a memorable hit stopping Christian Okoye of the Kansas City Chiefs this year.

Okoye, though, wasn't impressed by the replay of it.

"He got his lucky shot," he said. "Next time might not be too lucky for him."

A weary coach

New York Giants Bill Parcells, when asked about reports thahe's considering retiring, said: "I'm not considering it, but this does wear on you. You look around. You see Mike Ditka and Dan Reeves and all these basketball coaches going down. [Auburn coach] Pat Dye was in the hospital last week. People just have to realize it's a very stressful occupation. I don't think I'm a low-key person, anyway. I'm a little overweight. I smoke. I'm a perfect candidate for [health] problems. You'd have to be a fool not to see that. I'd just like to see some of my grandchildren and that type of thing. So it does wear on you. I'm only speaking for myself."

When Parcells was asked if he'd give up smoking and lose weight if he left coaching, he said: "Probably not."

Working the vineyards

When Ditka, coach of the Chicago Bears, was asked his opinion of women reporters in the locker room, he said: "We who are just the laborers in the vineyards aren't allowed to comment on that. Some day when I'm not in the vineyard anymore, I'll comment on that."

Confusing himself with Namath?

Tim Green of the Atlanta Falcons on today's game with the San Francisco 49ers, who haven't lost a road game in two years: "We're going to beat them. It's as simple as that."


After the Dallas Cowboys doubled their victory total from one last year to two this season with a triumph over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, defensive lineman Dean Hamel said: "There's no reason this team can't make the playoffs."

A welcome?

Quarterback Phil Simms on walking into RFK Stadium in a Giants uniform: "There's not too many places in the league where I can walk out a tunnel and hear every word that's ever been invented."

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