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'90 vote

October 14, 1990

School board candidate Mike Fitzgerald has continued to meet with local and state government representatives and candidates, while his committee distributes fliers at many local gatherings.

Fitzgerald took advantage of the recent political forums to discuss the concerns of class size, staff compensation and the recent state Board of Education extension of the school year.

Recently asked by Commissioner Julia W. Gouge to serve on her Child Care Task Force, he has also continued to fulfill Parks and Recreation Board duties such as the John Owings Park hearing in Silver Run, capital projects meetings and the luncheon for budget and planning officials, which was also attended by Commissioner Jeff Griffith.

It is this example of cooperation between government bodies that Fitzgerald feels is missing from the local school board.

Pleased at the support since the primary election, Fitzgerald's campaign committee has been distributing position papers at schools on "Meet the Teacher's Night," festivals and other large gatherings.

Fitzgerald is stressing his many years of community experience/leadership, budget knowledge and people skills as being the final criteria for the voters.

Upcoming plans include getting out yard signs and interviews with the local press editorial boards.


Gail Reilly-Cross, Democratic nominee for Register of Wills, has been endorsed by the Metropolitan Baltimore Council AFL-CIO.

"The endorsement of Louis L. Goldstein, our comptroller, was such a great honor that I really did not hope for any more," said the former Orphan's Court Judge. "But the AFL-CIO has been active in registering voters and joining in the political process to encourage good government. I am honored by their endorsement."

"I would like to add that it is so important to vote. The dismal turn-out in the primary proved to me that public servants need to work harder to provide qualified candidates and give the public a reason to vote.

"People think that their vote does not matter. In contrast, statistics prove when few vote, special interest groups and unqualified single-issue candidates are elected."


A final fund-raiser for Sharon L. Baker, candidate for County Commissioner, will be conducted 8 p.m. to 1 a.m., Nov. 2, at Frock's Sunnybrook Farm restaurant in Westminster.

The event will be a Halloween costume party and will feature music by the Just For Fun Band. Tickets are $20 and may be purchased at the door or in advance by calling 795-6022.

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