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October 14, 1990

From: Mary-Dulaney James

Havre de Grace

I would like to thank all the people of Harford County who voted for me on Sept. 11 for the Democratic Central Committee. When all the votes were in, I lost by only 373 votes and came in ninth out of a field of 21 candidates. The next highest vote getter, who campaigned heavily with signs, press releases and newspaper ads, had only 40 more votes than me. I was pleasantly surprised by this and by the tremendous support that I did receive.

As many of you know, I did not spend any money and very little time on my own campaign, deciding instead to give all my time and effort to other candidates whose elections I thought were more important. I do not regret this decision in the least.

There are many ways in which to serve the people of Harford County, maintain the strength and integrity of the Democratic Party and to ensure we have responsive good government in our county. I plan to continue to be involved in these types of endeavors and to be of assistance to as many people as possible through public service and my private law practice.

Again, thank you for your support and I look forward to future opportunities to serve you.


From: Frank W. Soltis

Bel Air

It's no wonder why we are loosing the war on drugs and crime.

We have citizens being gunned down in the streets of Baltimore City. The Maryland State Police is spending taxpayer's dollars on laser guns to write traffic tickets. What is it with Commander Click it Ticket -- he surely must realize that there are other functions of a police agency. On any given day on Interstate 95, you can see at least six state police cars hidden in the woods using radar.

If all this manpower was put to proper use, just think how safe our streets might be. I think it's time that our legislators review this agency and find out why all this manpower and high technology is being used to enforce traffic laws.

Could it be that it is a good source of revenue and recognition for Commander Click it Ticket?

What we need is police visibility in the high-crime areas and not hidden in the bushes on the interstate.

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