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October 14, 1990


From: Dennis Record Callahan

Former Candidate, County Executive

Brenda and I should like to thank the many volunteers who worked on my campaign for Anne Arundel county executive. As a team, we received the votes of more than 10,000 county residents who demonstrated their support for the issues we raised. For this rewarding and educational experience, and, most of all, for the friends we have made for a lifetime, we will be eternally grateful.

I have never supported a candidate because he or she was a Democrat and I have never opposed a candidate because he or she was a Republican. Based on executive experience, a demonstrated sympathy for tax relief for our seniors, and reasons too numerous to mention at this time, both Brenda and I will be voting for Ted Sophocleus and we urge our friends and supporters to do the same.


From: Ken Baughman


I was very upset this summer when the county sued to keep the tax limitation off the ballot. I've always thought the people should have their say. I don't thing our Founding Fathers intended for the government to stamp out the will of the people. That's why they threw a lot of tea in Boston Harbor.

I for one am looking forward to the chance to vote on the limitation so I can vote it down. This measure would not save money for middle and lower income people. The people who are behind it are big business and a few people with big waterfront houses.

I want to help prove to the supporters of this short-sighted measure that the voters value public services above padding the pockets of the wealthy waterfront landowners. The people of Anne Arundel County have always worked hard to preserve our special quality of life. That's why this is such a wonderful place to live.

If big business and the rich would pay their fair share of taxes, the rest of us wouldn't have to worry about property tax limitations. Rather than resorting to a foolish tax limit which will only hurt us in the long run, I would rather see the voters support candidates who believe in providing services for the average person like myself.


From: John Leopold

Candidate for Senator, District 31

Paul T. McBride's October 7 (Anne Arundel County Sun) letter in defense of incumbent Philip Jimeno's vote in favor of slot machines was irresponsibly inaccurate.

If Mr. McBride had done his research properly, he would have learned that there were, in fact, three newspaper editorials criticizing Jimeno for his vote in favor of slot machines, not just the one he referred to. If he had done his homework, he would not have unfairly and irresponsibly criticized Anne Arundel County Sun letter writer, Margaret Herb.

Mr. McBride might also be interested in one sentence contained in one of the three editorials: "The only two delegates here who had the courage to oppose legalizing slots were Democrat Patrick Scannello of Glen Burnie and Republican John Leopold of Pasadena."


From: Mary K. Harris

Former Candidate for County Council, 5th District

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the fine people of the 5th District who voted for me as their councilwoman in the primary.

I made many new friends and attracted environmentalists interested in the issues I raised. My loosely knit "environmental army" worked hard and they should be very proud because we did make a difference!

I have waited to write this thank you letter because I wanted to see who would pick up the environmental standard and address the following issues with viable solutions.

1) Sewer Overflow -- Dedicated to upgrading our sewer system to avoid discharge in our streams.

2) Recycling -- A time frame for curbside pick-up county wide.

3) Road improvements -- A correct interpretation of just what a state-build highway means (we do not need state highways through residential areas).

4) Education -- Endorses expansion of the successful latch key program for before and after school child care. A respect for our teachers and firsthand knowledge of our educational system.

5) Growth -- Commitment to the handling of storm water runoff, strict adherence to subdivision regulations during this new period of growth created by the lifting of the sewer moratorium in the Broadneck.

I have found (District 5 County Council candidate) Linda Gilligan and (county executive candidate) Ted Sophocleus have addressed all of the above issues. I urge the voters of the 5th District to cast their vote for these candidates. It truly is a matter of life and death for the environment in our district. Again thank you for your support.


From: Francis Dietz

Brooklyn Park

I write to you today in support of the re-election of Senator Phil Jimeno.

Senator Phil Jimeno is a leader of the highest caliber.

As a Little League coach and band parent he had provided direction and guidance to countless children.

As chairman of the Anne Arundel County Delegation he has demonstrated his ability to shepherd important pieces of legislation through the General Assembly and form coalitions with legislators all over the state to insure the needs of his constituents are fulfilled.

I wholeheartedly support his re-election.

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