Picture Perfect

October 14, 1990|By SUSANNE TROWBRIDGE

FOUR PLAYFUL AMISH CHILDREN HELPED Maryalice Yakutchik capture top honors and $1,250 in the Sun Magazine's annual photo contest.

Ms. Yakutchik, a reporter for the Reading, Pa., Eagle, has been working on a non-fiction book about the Amish for the past five years. During the course of her research, she has spent a lot of time at the Lancaster farm where she snapped her prize-winning color photo.

While posing for pictures is against their religious beliefs, Ms. Yakutchik's Amish friends have gotten used to her camera and have no problem if she snaps candid shots of them. "I've asked their permission, and no, they don't mind at all," she says.

Patrick Sandor, Sun Magazine photographer and one of the contest judges, says that Ms. Yakutchik's picture is "a really clean kind of classic image. It reminded me of the Kodak ads in the '50s and '60s when they showed great moments in Americana."

Amy Bruce of Dundalk was the winner in the black-and-white category. The other color winners were Judy Nowotarski of Baltimore, Lois Schuetzler of Davidsonville, Kelly Mansfield of Baltimore and Cathy Emery of Laurel. Each will receive $250.

Over 1,800 photographs were entered in the contest. The judges were Mr. Sandor, Sun Magazine art director Melissa Brown, Sun design director Donna Crivello and Sun assistant photo director Bob Hamilton.

The winning photos that were taken on Kodak film will be entered in the 1990 Kodak International Newspaper Snapshot Awards to compete for more than $46,000 in cash and prizes.


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