Those Little Touches Of Warmth

October 14, 1990|By Donna Peremes

One of the season's most popular accents -- quilting -- provides a welcome warm touch to all sorts of outfits, from everyday to evening wear.

The warm, snug, protective feeling that's part of the charm of quilting -- most of us cuddled up in quilts as children -- is emphasized by the materials that are being quilted. Rayon, silk and even the soft, soft calfskin of Chanel's classic quilted handbags add to the tactile, just-reach-out-and-touch-it quality of the stitch.

Beverly Matthai, owner of Femme, believes the Chanel influence has much to do with quilting's new popularity. Not only are quilted handbags more prevalent, but belts and other accessories are showing the detail.

She also thinks the American, outdoorsy influence that is so much a part of fashion is another reason the stitch has achieved its new status. Quilting is just one way this sporting sensibility is imparted through clothes, and it's one that, unlike hoods and toggle clasps, translates easily into evening wear.

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